Linen Tea Towel Classic

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Our tea towel Classic is made from 100% non-pre-washed medium-weight linen, just like our grandma's linen towels used to be. It means you need to wash it before the use. It will also get softer and absorb more moisture with every wash. This Classic Tea Towel is the perfect piece for everyday use in the kitchen.

Material: 100% non-pre-washed linen
Weight: 230g
Size: 45x67cm

› Machine washable – using gentle detergent at 40°C/104F
› Maximum spin cycle speed advised – 800 rpm.
› Hang dry; avoid tumble dry always but if ever, use light tumble on low heat.
› After wash may feel slightly stiff/firm to the touch but once it is used, it will return to its – original softness. However, you can also iron the bag for an immediate result.
› Does not require ironing if the tea towel is hung immediately after it was washed.

Enjoy your Tea Towel.