Linen is a natural fibre made from a flax plant. Every part of this marvelous plant is being used the seeds, the stalk and even the by-products of linen production.
However, flax is most renowned as the raw material for an extraordinary fabric. It is durable and has amazing properties – absorbency, breathability, strength and thermoregulation.

Our fabrics are made of European - grown flax and are woven and sewn in Poland, the country with long traditions of linen manufacturing and the country of our origin.

The fabrics we have selected for our collections have a different weight and texture, making it suited for different uses. They range from lightweight linen of 90g to a heavyweight upholstery fabric of 500g. 

In terms of shades we have created a Timeless Linen core collection made of neutrals: Natural, Off-White and Oatmeal linen. We believe these shades bring a sense of calmness, they blend perfectly in every interior, and they stand the passage of trends.

Below more about our core shades and fabrics: