Curtains & Roman blinds

On request of our customers we have decided to add curtains and blinds to our offer.

We work mainly with neutral shades such as Natural linen, Oatmeal and Off-White in a different weight of the fabric, varying from sheer fabric of 90g to heavier fabric of 200g and 280g. You can see the difference between these shades here and request our samples here.

We love simplicity and we keep the way of making our curtains very simple too – we provide it with a curtain tape where you can insert the curtain hooks and adjust the heigh of your curtain. Depending on the width of the window and chosen fabric we might need to sew few panels together.

Our curtains are made to size. Please send us your request providing us with the sizes of your window (info on how to measure below) and you will receive our quote within 48h.

We advise to use the Sheer open weave fabric curtains whenever you want as much light entering during a day as possible but at the same time you want some privacy. You will perfectly be able to look outside but will not be seen from outside. Please note that the Sheer curtains will not play the same role in the evening, once the lights are on they are see-through.

The medium weight linen fabric of 200g as well as 280g are opaque and lend privacy and do not allow as much daylight to enter as the Sheer fabric of 90g.

Check our Project page form more images of our curtains and roman blinds.

How to measure the size of your Curtains

– measure the entire length of your rod or rail. This is the information we will need to calculate the width of your curtains. Let us know if you want a pair (two curtains) or a single curtain. Depending on the choice of the fabric we will calculate between 1.7 to 2.2 times the fabric.

Height – measure the distance from the rail or the rod to the floor. This is the height of your curtain. Depending on the result you want to achieve you might either withdraw 1 cm to let your curtain float above the floor or add 2 cm or more if you want it to puddle on the floor or keep it as it is to just hit the floor.

How to measure the size of your Roman Blinds

Roman blinds can be mounted inside or outside the window frame. Inside mount is recommended when the window frame is attractive and at least 5cm deep. The outside mount is preferable when the window frame depth is less then 5cm or you want to create a higher ceiling look or if you want to let as much light entering as possible.

Inside mount – creates a built-in look

Width – measure the width at the top, middle and bottom of the window. Take the smallest number of the three. 

Height – measure the height at the top, middle and bottom of the window. Take the largest number of the three. 

Outside mount – creates a larger window appearance

Width – measure the width you would like to cover and add 5cm, 2,5cm on each side.

Height - measure the height you would like to cover, a minimum of 4cm flat surface above the window is required for mounting brackets.