Rough Linen Plaid

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This is a quite special piece of linen to us! Created on our customers' request the smaller version of our sofa/bed cover is made from 100% pre-washed very heavyweight linen in natural flax color. It can be used as a small size sofa or bed cover or as a blanket when having your tea and reading a book. If you like the rough side and look of linen you can also use it as an oversized tablecloth. We feel that this piece only adds to any cozy moment.

Material: 100% pre-washed linen
Weight: 500g
Size: 140×190cm
Color: Natural
Finished off with a fringe on the short sides.

› Machine washable – using gentle detergent at 40°C/104F
› Maximum spin cycle speed advised – 800 rpm.
› Hang dry; avoid tumble dry always but if ever, use light tumble on low heat.
› After wash may feel slightly stiff/firm to the touch but once it is used, it will return to its – original softness. However, you can also iron the bag for an immediate result.
› Does not require ironing if the plaid is hung immediately after it was washed.

Enjoy your Linen Plaid.