Care instructions

Our products are hand made with care and consideration from the best quality European Linen. We hope that they may last at least a lifetime if properly looked after. Please follow these care instructions to maintain your linen goods and feel free to get in touch should you need advice.

Our fabrics can be laundered with confidence in washing machines – white thick weave fabrics in temperature 60°C, colour fabrics in 40°C. Fabrics with delicate, jacquard weave of “net” type should be washed by hand. All Timeless Linen products carry full washing instructions.

General Care
Unfold your linen completely before washing. Do not overload the machine. Wash your linen at max. 40°C. Use a mild soap. Never use bleach.

Most linen fabrics can shrink after the first wash by 2 to 10% depending on the fabric. This shrinking may be minimized by always pre washing linen in cold water.

Drying in tumble dryer is not recommended for linen. Don’t over dry. Heat damages the fibers and is conducive to excessive shrinking, but using your dryer with the proper low settings is also possible, do not overload the dryer.
If spin dried we recommend the spinning with the maximum speed of 800rpm.
For preference, line-dry and let fresh air, wind and sunshine do their work!

Our Easy Linen collection is made of washed linen and do not require ironing. For all other Timeless Linen products we recommend the ironing on slightly damp linen on the inside of the fabric. Check the sewn-in label with the universal symbols for the appropriate setting for your iron.